Nat Lam is a passion project focused on a more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable approach to the fashion industry. This industry produces excessive volumes of product all for the sake of profit; at the expense of our environment and the rights of the workers creating the garments. After witnessing these injustices first hand working for the fast fashion industry, Nat Lam is my attempt to do better. Because I am choosing to contribute to an already over-saturated industry, I have a responsibility to do so in the most sustainable way possible.

It is impossible to create a 100% sustainable brand because no product has zero impact on our planet, society, and economy. However, Nat Lam intends to lessen these impacts through a slow fashion made-to-order model using secondhand materials and a focus on craft and quality. My goal is to create beautiful and versatile pieces that will become staples in your closet for years to come. 

xo Nat