I love transparency, so here's the deal behind my pricing....

Currently, the prices I have listed for each item only reflect the cost of materials and the time it takes for me to create the garment on the production level, as well as the packaging/handling fees on the post-production level. 

I pay myself living wage at $25/hour. The packaging/handling fees include the cost of all packaging as well as the time it takes for me to pack/ship (handling). 

Unlike most brands, I do not include cost margins in my pricing. Typically, cost margins are additional incidentals calculated into the cost of a product and are generally around 4x-10x the production cost of the garment, depending on the brand. A huge part of these margins often goes to employees, but since Nat Lam is a one woman show I fortunately do not have to account for anyone else's pay check. Since I don't have these expenses it's important that I keep my brand at a somewhat accessible price point. In return, I ask for your patience while I hand make every order I receive. I promise it's worth it!