Sustainability is the foundation for Nat Lam...and the most sustainable garment, is one that will last for years to come. My goal is to create garments that are made to live in and made to last.

*Made-to-order: Pieces from the permanent collection ("The Essentials"), are produced on a made-to-order basis to limit overproduction and inventory waste. Nothing will be created unless it already has a destined home.

*Quality Craft & Construction: Each piece is slowly crafted with high quality techniques that ensure your garment will last through years of wear and tear. 

*Secondhand Materials: All garments are created using secondhand materials. Whether that is yardage of deadstock fabric from around the US, or damaged secondhand clothes that are upcycled into new garments, no new fabrics are ordered in the making of a Nat Lam piece.

*Versatility: Each piece in "The Essentials" collection is designed with versatility in mind. This includes versatility in design, and adjustability in sizing. I want my garments to be something you can wear from day to night from season to season, easily paired with anything. I also want them to contain some level of adjustability so that they continue to fit you with perfection over the years, as your body goes through natural changes in size and shape.