My Process

Nat Lam is a one woman show founded by me, Natalie Lam. Each part of the process, from designing to sewing to shipping, is done by me in my Brooklyn, NY apartment. My clothing isn't sold at fast fashion pricing, and it's important to me that my customers understand why. 



In an attempt to create a more sustainable product, no new raw materials are used for fabric. Each item is created using secondhand clothing or fabrics, upcycling what's old into something completely new. When sourcing, I look for natural fibers, good fabric quality, classic patterns, and pieces that are ultimately better off taking on a new life.



Each secondhand garment is thoroughly examined for any stains or fabric imperfections that may need to be mended. The garment is then washed, dried and deconstructed into its original pattern pieces in a manner that results in the most amount of workable fabric. My goal is to create as little waste as possible!



The cutting process is the most complicated step because it involves extremely careful cutting to yield the most product and the least amount of waste. 



Each garment is individually sewn by me, which can take anywhere from three to six hours depending on the style.



After each garment is completed, I photograph, list, steam, package, and eventually send to its new home. I use EcoEnclose for most of my mailer packaging; they are created from 100% recycled materials and are 100% biodegradable. However, even though EcoEnclose is a great alternative to synthetic packaging, it is still new waste! So when I can (for smaller orders such as scrunchies) I try to upcycle brown paper grocery bags into my own DIY mailers. 


So much love and care goes into the creation of each garment, I hope you cherish your top as much as I cherish my process.