Medium Wash Denim Lace-up Corset

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The party's in the front for this lady. Chunky grommets...two-tone ribbon...the styling possibilities are endless. 



This top contains a fully functional lace up front, so sizing is fairly flexible. Note, this fully lined top is cut from 100% cotton rigid denim so there is no stretch. For reference, it is photographed on a size S/34B figure. All measurements are taken with center front fully laced. 

Bust circumference = 33"

Waist circumference = 28"

Center back length = 6"

Side seam lengths = 5.25"

Center front length = 9.25"

Ribbon length = 68"

Care Instructions

To prolong the life of the denim, limit washing times. When necessary, hand wash cold with a drop of detergent and hang to dry.

*NOTE, remove silk tie before washing. If stained, spot clean with cold water and hang to dry.

All materials are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before the construction phase. However, due to the secondhand nature of the fabric, there may be slight imperfections/discolorations on the surface.